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The Choir came into existence in 1920 when a far-sighted District Clerk, Walter Burnett, started a Choir to take men off the streets at a time of great unemployment, and provide them with an appreciation of music and a new social environment.

It was hugely successful in meeting its first objective ‘to improve the musical education and social life of the men in the village, and to stimulate an interest in, and love for good music in the community.'

As the Choir developed, their Annual Concert became a focal point for the members, a peak achievement performance and a climax for all the hard work and commitment that had gone before.  It also gave the villagers the opportunity to hear and see professional quality artistes of all persuasions, at an affordable cost, something that was well beyond the reach of residents at that time.  This included personalities like Owen Brannigan, Kenneth McKellar, Gerald Davies, Peter Morrison, Bill McCue, Morag Ure and Helen McArthur, to name but a few.

lmvc taken outside netherhouse in 1928

                                                                               LMVC taken outside Netherhouse in 1928


The Choir’s reputation grew and in the 1920s and 1930s regularly gained first place in local competitive festivals; and in the top Scottish competition gained first place in the 1926 Scottish Class and first in the Open Class in 1933 and 1935.  At one competition an adjudicator was heard to say that in principle he would never give a choir 100% so he awarded Lesmahagow 95%.


Their Annual Concert, held normally on the Thursday and Friday in the second week in March, attracts substantial numbers and the Choir is indebted to the villagers and others from the surrounding district, for their loyal support.

One of the continuing great blessings of Choir membership is the fellowship that arises from being closely associated with each other in harmony and song, and participating in related social activities.

The Conductors over the years have been:

William Brown [1st] 1920 – 1921 [1]
Walter Burnett 1921 – 1937 [16]
Tom Forest 1937 – 1960 [23]
William Brown [2nd] 1960 – 1965 [5]
Jack Lundie 1965 – 1967 [2]
Alex Mitchell 1967 – 1976 [9]
Jim Macintyre 1976 – 1983 [7]
Campbell Brown 1983 – 2002 [19]
Walter Paterson 2002 – 2009 [7]
Anne Maguire 2009 – 2012 [3]
Oksana Mavrodii 2012 – present










                                                                                                                             LMVC - 1937


In spite of the growing challenge of TV, computers and other social attractions the Choir has continued through the years, holding an annual concert every year, except 1967.


LMVC 1980 -  Conductor - Jim Macintyre, Accompanist - Janet Rhein


    LMVC 1984 - Conductor Campbell Brown, Accompanist Anne Maguire                                                                          



                                                                                                          LMVC ( year not known )


     LMVC 1985 - Conductor Campbell Brown, accompanist - Duncan Watson


      LMVC 1991 - Conductor Campbell Brown, accompanist - Duncan Watson


      LMVC 1996 - Conductor Campbell Brown, accompanist - Georger Brown


     LMVC 2004 - Conductor Walter Paterson, accompanist - George Brown


 **CHOIR March 2006.   Back row: Kenneth Baxter,  Douglas Hay, Jim Macintyre, Jack Aitken, Davy Affleck, Jim McSkimming, Kevan Cairns, Davy Watson, Jim Fordyce, Angus Wiseman.  Middle row: Davy Mathieson, Will Muir, Robert Bryson,  Robert Wilson, Jim Hope, Jim Loch, Alan Cowan, David Strachan, Willie Newlands.  Front row: Alec Turner, Mike Hope, Archie Martin, Davy Dunn, Ian Affleck, George Smith, Archie Lang, Arthur Weir, Willie McLue.  Sitting: Matt Sneddon [president], Walter Paterson [conductor], George Brown [accompanist].  Other members missing are shown on the next image; Stan Baxter, Jim Tennant, Jamie Brown and Fraser Brown.


Pictures marked with ** are the strict copyright of Lindsay Addison BA (hons).  Reproduction of any image by permission only. Please contatc 07747 806000, 01555 851750 [home/fax], 0r alindsay30@aol.com.











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